Brigantine Cove, Tail-gating on Beach. Free 4×4 Permits for Military Veterans

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At one time a secret hideaway for Brigantine locals, the COVE beach area has exploded with popularity. Visitors and part-time residents are quickly discovering one of Brigantine’s best kept secrets. It’s like a Brigantine tail-gate party in the sand.

During the summer months, the COVE Beach is usually mobbed. It’s occasionally shutdown due to overcrowding, forcing many to grab a spot by 7am. Smart peeps get there early.

The popular Cove Beach area on the south-end of Brigantine will finally have a small level of life guard protection….by the Brigantine Beach Patrol. This will not be your typical protected swimming areas. Instead, it will be a Beach Patrol stand/outpost that allows for faster response times to any incidents that may occur along that busy shoreline. Swim at your own risk. There is no protected swimming areas.

Dangerous inlet currents and jet-skis are just two of the potential hazards that one must be aware of when partying at Brigantine’s Cove & Jetty Beach

The ‘Cove’ is a beautiful, fun, but chaotic beach spot in Brigantine. It’s a tail-gate party in the sand. No need for personal beach tags. Relaxed rules make the COVE in Brigantine a favorite for many. 

There is a downside to all this beachy freedom. With the no-rules sun & fun, comes the increased potential for injury, or worse. The bumper to bumper mix of SUV’s, fishing lines, jet-skis, kayaks, BBQ’s, boats….along with those red solo cups, make for a potentially accident prone day at the beach.

Brigantine cove
The Cove at Brigantine

Over the years, the unprotected and unrestricted Cove has been home to many emergencies. Based on recent reports, water rescues, first-aid calls and other life-saving incidents at the Cove have increased, prompting greater attention to the area.

At this point, it’s unknown whether warning signs will be placed on the rock jetty. Concerned citizens want Council to warn families, especially with kids, that the jetty can be quite dangerous.

Read about dangers of Brigantine Rock Jetty

Brigantine Mayor Phil Guenther, City Manager Stinson and former Police Chief Reed have been made aware of the dangers involved at both the Jetty and Cove areas. To date, many believe that not enough has been done very to safeguard / educate beach goers from the potential hazards of these un-restricted / no-rules beach areas of Brigantine.

The treacherous rock jetty at the south end of Brigantine is a favorite for fishermen. It also attracts kids and those with little experience in avoiding steep drop offs and rogue waves.

Free Brigantine 4×4 Beach Permits for Military Veterans.

New for Summer 2016, Brigantine City Council announced that 4×4 beach permits will be provided to military veterans at NO CHARGE. The average cost for a 4×4 beach permit is $185. So far, over 700 free passes have been distributed to the vets.

Spread the word. Brigantine welcomes military veterans with appropriate paperwork….to take their 4×4 vehicle on the beaches of Brigantine……at no charge. Contact or visit the Brigantine Beach Community Center on 42nd street for more details.

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5 thoughts on “Brigantine Cove, Tail-gating on Beach. Free 4×4 Permits for Military Veterans”

  1. I am all for supporting our veterans, but Brigantine should then cut back on the number of permits they sell by the number claimed by Vets. The beaches are already overcrowded with vehicles. I used to enjoy taking my kids to the beach in our vehicle and bringing all the beach toys, tent for babies’ naps, grills, and coolers. Now, we will only go to other parts of brigantine or to other beach towns where we don’t have to worry about crazy drivers running over people and exhaust from vehicles blowing in your face when you are sunning and swimming. Brigantine does not know how to enjoy a good thing and capitalize on a special environment. Instead, they will overdo it and make more people want to go to a beach town that will accommodate their residents, who pay higher taxes than any other South Jersey beach, rather than overcrowd the beaches, making it too easy to day trip there. BTW – the truck crowd do not eat in Brigantine restaurants or frequent local establishments. They bring everything with them.

  2. We totally agree and as a resident I’ve been closed out on two occasions with no spots to lark on a weekend
    Whose brain storm was this!!!!!

  3. I to am a sea point taxi paper. For 37 years. Had to pay for jeep And beach tags for years. What change now truck load and 4by4 permits do not pay for loads of people for free. Am I missing the boat here.? The beach is over crowded and have Had to call cops several times. When we get checked several times for badges we do have. There should be a limit like years ago and it was safe. Some time we did not get on beach was shut down to tax payers??????? Let’s not be so welcome to out siders and take care of us for a change. Or maybe we could use that money to fix our streets in town where we live. Thanks Trudy. Galmin

  4. I don’t mind free permits for our Veterans, but I do mind when their families abuse those permits. Remember, those permits are for said Veteran and his/her truck only.
    I agree with the above post about reducing the number of purchased permits by the number given out to Veterans BUT then Brigantine City would lose money, that ain’t gonna happen.

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