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How Brigantine Can Heal And Prosper

Brigantine is Talking Politics. A letter to the editor that was influenced by a recent, political newspaper ad >>> Many ask: "How can a politically divided island heal, come together and prosper?" This question shows how much citizens care about Brigantine. They care because Brigantine is our home, not because of which political party … [Read More...]

Local Business Competes Against City of Brigantine?

Is Brigantine ‘business friendly? With over 40 empty storefronts and a brutal business approval process, many have asked that very simple question. Some claim that Brigantine City Government has a negative influence on local commerce. Whatever the case, most agree that government in general, and Brigantine specifically, should rarely be running or … [Read More...]

Bite On. Brigantine Striper Fishing Heating Up.

Striper fishing in Brigantine looks like it's finally heating up. Captain John Wilkinson from Brigantine's Babu Fishing Charters says:  The Davis group fished hard for 4 hours yesterday (Oct 25) drifting eels, and casting artificials to the sod banks behind Brigantine in the evening, and again early this morning with no luck. I then decided to … [Read More...]

Reader Feedback. Change is Hard, But Needed.

As a human condition, change is one of the most difficult things that we face. Reader feedback from Phil Dwyer >> When I moved to Brigantine it seemed that a change from the “business as usual” Republican city government was virtually impossible. The majority of residents were seemingly content with a bloated city payroll, with zero … [Read More...]

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