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Hurricane #Maria 5pm Update: A Slow Moving Monster

Major hurricane after major hurricane... this season has been incredible, and disastrous for so many. I don't think there is any vacation destination that hasn't been impacted. It's very sad to see such destruction. Maria pounded Puerto Rico with 150mph + winds and several feet of storm surge on Wednesday. She is now moving northwest towards the Turks, Caicos and Bahamas but the full brunt of the storm will be OFF-SHORE, I'm sure there are many breathing a sigh of relief as Maria passes to the east.

Where does she go now? While there is STILL uncertainty due to a complex setup, my thoughts haven't really changed. I still think an out to sea option is most likely. Now, we can't completely rule a Mid-Atlantic impact completely out of the equation, I just don't think it's AS likely as skirting off to the east.

We still have 2 scenarios. # 1 brings Maria north and then northeast towards the remnants of Jose. High pressure off shore is weaker and allows for an easy escape path out to sea # 2 forms an upper level low over the SE US and rebuilds a pretty decent ridge over New England which could aid in pushing Maria west in conjunction with a stronger are of high pressure (ridge) off-shore.

There are SOME models that are hinting at a Mid-Atlantic impact and obviously side with scenario # 2. The main one? The Canadian and the new IBM. They don't make landfall, but they come very close to the coast. Now, I'm not a fan of the Canadian, it has a bias and let's just face it - it's dependability is worse than the American GFS. It HAS been consistent with this message so that's why the "cone of uncertainty" goes as far west as it does, there's SOME consensus out there that supports that idea - just not a lot.

The "mighty" EURO has also been consistent. It's message is out to sea. It does bring Maria relatively close to the OBX before cutting it right out to sea with a hard northeast turn. We've highlighted coastal North Carolina in a "medium" risk for impact due to the guidance suggesting this "jolt" northwest before turning out to sea.

There's a trough (dip in the jet stream) that will bring cooler air to our area next week. That will scoot Maria way out to sea, but the timing is crucial. When does it get here? The sooner the better. That is one of the moving parts that we ultimately have to figure out to nail down the forecast.

I'm sure you're going to see plenty of images floating around showing the worst case scenario. All the doomsday sayers do it. What's the point in showing you the extreme without showing what's most likely? Impact is POSSIBLE, let me be clear, we can't completely take it off the table, BUT, as I said, I'm leaning the other way. If things seem to change drastically and it looks like our area could see some sort of negative consequence from Maria, trust me, you'll know about it.

For now, focus on enjoying your weekend and the HOT weather coming our way!

Thanks Allan for the great model graphic.
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Brigantine Fishing

2017 NEW JERSEY Fishing Seasons, Limits & Regulations


  • Striped Bass: One fish from 28 inches to less than 43 inches, one fish greater than 43 inches. No closed season 0-3 miles from shore
  • Summer Flounder: 18.'” min size, 3/angler, May 21 – Sept 9
  • Tautog: 15″ min size, January 1 – Feb 28 (4 fish), April 1 – April 30 (4 fish), July 17 – Nov. 15 (1 fish) and Nov 16- Dec 31-(6 fish)
  • Weakfish: 13″ minimum size, 1/angler, no closed season
  • Winter Flounder: 12″ min size, 2/angler, Mar. 1- Dec 31
  • Black Drum: 16″ min size, 3/angler, no closed season**Proposed size limit of 32 inches pending hearings**
  • Black Sea Bass: 12-1/2” min. open 5/23-6/19 (10 fish); 12-1/2” min open 7/1-8/31 (2 fish); 13” min open 10/22-12/31 (15 fish)
  • Blue Crab: 3″ minimum size for peeler/shedder 3-1/2″ for soft shell 4-1/2″ hard shell. Limit one bushel
  • Bluefish: No minimum size, 15/angler, no closed season
  • Red Drum: 18″-27″ slot size, 1/angler, no closed season

We just received a huge delivery of frozen mullet. I have been getting FRESH in daily but not very many and as soon as they get here they are out the door. The ocean continues to be rough in Brigantine NJ and I have had a couple of reports of bluefish being caught at the North end of the Island. They a calling for some hot weather on the mainland and it will be 10 degrees cooler at the beach. Capt Ron's is back in stock for those that have been waiting. Winds are WNW 8-12 with gusts to 15 so I'm hoping that it will knock the surf down a little bit. Today's low tide will be at 3:48 pm and the shop will be open until 5:00 pm. I have changed the closing time on Fridays to 5:00 pm until the fish move back in so for the next couple of weeks it will be 5:00 pm on Fridays. If you need anything left out just give me a call and I will leave it out back for you.

Thanks and Have a Great Day
Capt Andy
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