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Brigantine Taxpayers Association Questions Public Safety Contracts and Sports League Financials.

  The Brigantine Taxpayers Association had their comments posted in the local papers this week. Here's a summary of comments to City Council at the Feb 04, 2015 meeting. Anne H. Phillips of the BTA: Several meetings ago, a representative of the True Spirit Coalition spoke to Council about the increasing need for the food baskets it distributes. At the time … [Read more...]

Brigantine Schools Release Salary Data for 2014

See 2014/15 Brigantine School District SALARY data here. Brigantine Taxpayers Association (BTA) received this information on Nov 12, 2014, in cooperation with Brigantine City Hall, Superintendent Brian Pruitt and Mayor Guenther. This public service helps local taxpayers evaluate our public school system. The Brigantine Taxpayers Association continues to advocate for … [Read more...]

Re-Invention of Atlantic City OTB

Can Brigantine learn a thing or two from Atlantic City? We think so. OTB is right on the money. Brigantine vacationers can take a 5 minute ride OVER THE BRIDGE to some of the best entertainment, food and fun on the east coast. As 2015 begins, new investments in commercial and residential development, hundreds of celebrity headlined shows, and new dining options and food … [Read more...]

WATCH VIDEO >> Brigantine Golf Following Non-Profit EHT Emerald Links

On the MORNING of FEB 25, Harry Hurley from WPG 1450 Radio talked about the controversial activity revolving around municipal golf courses. Jim Fraser of Mays Landing Country Club was the in-studio guest discussing the EHT Emerald Links. Brigantine Golf Links was also discussed since it wants to operate like McCulloughs Emerald Links. Listen to Harry Hurley 1450am for … [Read more...]

Plans to Boost Support of Brigantine Hockey League

Over the years, Brigantine Hockey League president Paul Kabala & partner/coach Chris Howe have seen donations to this popular sports league steadily decline. No matter how many out-of-town Beef-n-Beers, phone calls, last minute cash-collecting in front of Ocean Beverage or t-shirt sales they could muster, charitable giving for Brigantine’s Hockey League is way down. … [Read more...]

Brigantine Polar Bear Plunge Set for New Year’s Day

News Year’s Day is known for Brigantine’s biggest party – the annual Polar Bear Plunge. Last year more than 9,000 people attended. They cheered on an estimated 1,200 swimmers who took the plunge to raise money for the Fisher House Foundation, which provides free or low-cost lodging to veterans and military families receiving treatment at military medical centers. This … [Read more...]


Finally. Brigantine will have a candidates forum moderated by an impartial 3rd party. On Saturday, October 25, from 10 til noon inside the Community Center, City Council candidates will take questions from concerned citizens, taxpayers and local business owners. This 'not to be missed' event is sponsored by the Brigantine Taxpayers Association and will be moderated by the … [Read more...]

Featured Post from Patrick Costello: Facebook Foul

Facebook Foul. By Patrick Costello, author of the Brigantine best seller; 'Greenhead Politics'. Brigantine Now strives to be a positive influence on the community, and in my work I am mindful not only to be as fair and unbiased as possible, but also to maintain that standard of positivity. A seriously community-minded website should address relevant issues and always … [Read more...]

Oct 8, 2013. Stinson to Review and Determine Bulkhead Rules

Brigantine Council tackles issues of abandoned properties, bulkheads WRITTEN BY MICHAEL FEELY, October 08, 2013 A committee of council members Rick DeLucry, Andy Simpson and Frank Kern, along with the City Manager and City Engineer will study the issue. The major flooding caused by Sandy was a result of bay water overflowing bulkheads which were set too low. In some … [Read more...]

Former AC Officer Sentenced for Sexual Assault on Minor. Former Brigantine Police Officer Could Be Sentenced Next.

The Press of Atlantic City reports that a former Atlantic City police officer was sentenced Friday to five years in prison for sexually assaulting a minor who told teachers the two had numerous sexual encounters, including inside his patrol car. Andre Corbin was arrested along with Brigantine Officer Ralph Pereira. View Complaint Against Brigantine Police Officer … [Read more...]

Letter To The Editor: Jaworski’s Celebrity Golf Event in Galloway…NOT Brigantine.

Letter to the BrigantineNOW Editor from Maryann Kozack >> Last weekend, sports legends; Bernie Parent, Warren Sapp, Irving Fryar, and 3 Philadelphia Eagles QBs: Ron Jaworski, Michael Vick and Donovan McNabb were among the golfers at Jaworski's Celebrity Golf Challenge held in Galloway, NOT BRIGANTINE. This charity event, held every year, won't ever be held in … [Read more...]

Greenhead Politics in Brigantine: A Look Back. By Patrick Costello.

The sign is right. Brigantine really is an island you'll love for life, especially if you've been born and raised there. No matter its faults, the Brigantine of my youth was always a town full of hardworking folks committed to raising their families in the most pleasant environment possible, and the source of some of my fondest memories.  Over the years, the island has … [Read more...]

Brigantine City Manager & Public Safety Unions in Violation of NJ State Law?

Could Brigantine's City Manager & Public Safety union reps be in violation of New Jersey state law? It certainly seems that way. Some even suggest that Mayor Guenther and certain members of Brigantine City Council could also be held liable for allowing expired public safety contracts to extend indefinitely. To date, Brigantine City Manager; Ed Stinson's effort to … [Read more...]

Family Behind L’aragosta Debuts Amici & La Grotta in Ventnor

Miss the homemade Italian favorites of L'aragosta in Brigantine? While you can no longer find them at the shuttered lighthouse circle location, you can drive 10 minutes south into Ventnor to find the Presta family hard at work with their two new eateries. Amici. 6525 Ventnor Ave. Panini & gelati, fresh made sandwiches & baked goods, coffee & espresso. Indoor … [Read more...]


Real Estate is what makes Brigantine tick. Not tourism. Not Atlantic City gaming....but Real Estate. The intersection of Real Estate and Politics in Brigantine often gets messy, especially when a local land grab is starting to heat up. A little history lesson..... Brigantine Mayor Resigns In Wake Of Election Results By David Johnston and Mike Schurman, Special to … [Read more...]

Brigantine ‘Glitch Gate’ Explained. Waterfront Project of Councilman Under Scrutiny

According to a recent Brigantine Beachcomber Advertisement paid for by 'Taxpayers First', a series of glitches kept occurring at City Hall in regard to Councilman Andy Simpson and his 3 Sunset Court construction project. City Manager/Public Safety Director; Jim Barber, referred to these errors as 'glitches' at a City Council meeting. For those with a preference for … [Read more...]

Aggressive Brigantine Development Squeezing Attractions Like Fishfinder Party Boat.

Is residential development along the Brigantine waterfront too aggressive? Residents, business owners and Real Estate agents were shocked to learn that one of the last remaining, FAMILY FRIENDLY private attractions in Brigantine was under pressure to sell. The Fishfinder Party Boat is STILL OPEN for BUSINESS....but finds itself squeezed between massive homes along … [Read more...]

Expensive and Expired since 2012. Brigantine Police and Fire Contracts

Wonder why Police, Fire, and Teachers contract negotiations are stalled? Police contract expired DEC 2012. Fire Dept contract expired DEC 2013. It's well known that public employee contracts will NEVER be this good again, especially in Brigantine. Read the jaw-dropping agreements below. Negotiations have stalled regarding long expired Brigantine public safety contracts. … [Read more...]

Brigantine Police Chief, Mayor & City Council Say NO to Beach Festival.

A promising, new beach festival designed to grow the local economy was cancelled recently due to delays from the Brigantine Police Chief and City Council. That's according to festival organizer Michael Feely. The Brigantine Blues Foundation was planning a spectacular 'Brigantine Blues, Brews & BBQ' festival for Saturday, Sept. 19 on the 34th street … [Read more...]