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2014 Brigantine Craft Festival

The 2014 Brigantine Craft Festival will be held on Sunday, June 29 at the 26th Street Sports Complex. 9:30 am to 3:30 pm. Rain or Shine. The Brigantine Craft Festival supports the Brigantine PTA, graduation scholarships and various student awards in our Brigantine Schools. Artisan/craft vendor … [Read More...]

The Future of Brigantine’s Last Motel

At one time, Brigantine was brimming with places to stay. Accommodations like the beachfront 'Seagull Motel' made it easy for visitors to stay a night or a long weekend. Over the years, these important Brigantine businesses vanished. Some say it was due short-sighted decisions by local politicians … [Read More...]

Brigantine Part-Timers Ponder Voting Rights

Brigantine homeowners regularly endure punishing blows of non-stop tax hikes. To date, only a small handful of local taxpayers had the cahones to ask why city council spent money like a drunken sailor. The patron saint of Brigantine taxpayers with the largest pair, is Anne Phillips. She regularly … [Read More...]

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