Jaworski & Brigantine Golf Links. Deal Ready to Cross Goal Line?

Brigantine Jaworski GolfWill Ron Jaworski Golf be awarded deal to turn around the struggling Brigantine Golf Links? The answer to that one is still up in the air, yet most hope “Jaws” is still aiming for the end zone. Will those attempting to run out the clock come up short? We’ll soon see as council majority will shift come January 2015.

Opponents to the Jaworski deal, like Mayor Guenther and Brigantine Firefighter/Real Estate Agent; Mike Lange Jr., have mounted a goal line defense. Guenther and Lange look to thwart efforts to have the under-leveraged ‘Links’ from being managed by pros like Jaworski Golf.

The Brigantine Links Golf Course has been on a revenue decline.

  • High of $2 mil+ in 2007… to a low of $904,000 in 2013
  • Additional financial support ($765,256.18) required from taxpayers in 2013

Specific details are hard to come by, but there’s some common knowledge as to the status of a potential Brigantine / Jaworski deal. While not perfect, proponents of a Jaworski deal say it’s still better than the current situation.

A potential Brigantine / Jaworski deal would:

  • Remove most, if not all taxpayer burden from subsidizing course moving forward
  • Put substantial & early investment into infrastructure improvements like drainage and marketing
  • Provide immediate brand & destination awareness of Brigantine Beach as premium tourist destination. Jaworski is well known as master marketer & spokesman. He LOVES golf too.
  • Spill-over effect from a Jaworski ‘JAWS’ connection would likely help home values, retail and overall economic activity on the island
  • Potentially DOUBLE top-line revenue for the course
  • Start immediate audit & tightening up of financials
  • Start review of vendor deals, partnerships & business/community relationships
  • Course security would be upgraded. ‘Un-authorized walk-ons & play’ would be severely curtailed, if not 100% eradicated.

So far, council majority has struggled to get Mayor Guenther to seriously meet and discuss the ‘best & final’ deal. Another reason why golf course lease discussions have been delayed: a recent  city clerk error in publishing a legal notice postponed a much needed meeting between all concerned parties.

On a brighter note, some have suggested that Councilman Simpson is more open to a Jaworski deal than his GOP council-mate; Phil Guenther. The Mayor has dug in his heels. Guenther is steadfastly against allowing any outsider to run our money losing Links at Brigantine Beach Golf Course.


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6 thoughts on “Jaworski & Brigantine Golf Links. Deal Ready to Cross Goal Line?”

  1. Another example of the “Stepford town” thinking of the Mayor. Let it go, Mr. Gunther.It’s time for the beauty and all the natural elements offered in Brigantine to generate revenue and keep the burden off the taxpayers. We did not buy here to keep your cronies in 6 figure incomes.

  2. Mayor Guenther should inquire about some business management courses and educate himself as to how Brigantine will survive….look around Mayor….the only reason people come to Brigantine is for the ocean….if an outsider comes in and runs it like a business and improves the community is that a bad thing?
    I don’t understand how you got re-elected….oh yeah …you give out free ice cream on Labor Day weekend….

  3. I can’t seem to find the down side Mayor, perhaps there’s a personal agenda? Residents in this town need a break, especially in taxes. Push forward and get the deal done!

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