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Brigantine Taxpayers vs Matt Doran Engineering

Q: Why is Brigantine still using Matt Doran as City Engineer? A: Because non-compliant invoicing and shoddy accounting practices are acceptable to the City of Brigantine. Especially if you’re Matt Doran. The Brigantine City Engineer provides engineering, surveying and other technical services to the administration and all other departments and

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Another Brigantine Back Room Deal: Matt Doran, King of Cost Over-Runs

Seems like past engineering firms hired by Brigantine were problematic. Well, that’s what Brigantine leadership would like you to think. Most are just finding out about that alleged problem now. Even Brigantine Councilman, Rick DeLucry. Four firms wanted this Brigantine engineering gig. Guess who got it? Utility Engineering and Surveying,

Brigantine and Simpson: Financial Hanky Panky with Doran Engineering?

WATCH VIDEO  > “Financial Hanky Panky” says Brigantine Councilman Andy Simpson as he claims ignorance of details pertaining to $38,000 per month….for 10 months….being paid to DORAN ENGINEERING. Mayor Guenther, along with City Manager Stinson, also claim ignorance to past illegal billing, and once again re-hired DORAN ENGINEERING. Residents not

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Brigantine Re-Hires Doran Engineering, Known for Improper Billing

WATCH VIDEO > Doran Engineering, well-known & well-documented for improper & likely illegal billing of services to the City of Brigantine, has been re-hired. According to the Brigantine Beachcomber, Mayor Guenther said: “I don’t know of any evidence of improper billing”. Is 26+ year Mayor Phil Guenther’s memory failing him?

Brigantine Fears Loss of Control With County Wide Court System

Watch Brigantine Council video from OCT 6, 2021. Brigantine still saying no to county-wide court plan already adopted by 9 Atlantic County municipalities. Galloway Hamilton Egg Harbor Township Estelle Manor Linwood Weymouth Twp Ventnor (early adopter) Somers Point Northfield During the Oct. 6 meeting, Atlantic County Counsel James Ferguson, along

2019 Brigantine Public Employee Salary Chart

Numbers below do not include Overtime or Platinum Healthcare provided to most Brigantine public employees. Total includes stipends, clothing allowance and other payments. Even though Brigantine City Council voted to end longevity pay, homeowners are still paying longevity bonus cash to long term employees. 2019 Brigantine Employee Salary and Compensation