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Brigantine COVID-19 Update. Rentals, 4×4 Beach Permits & Free Golf.

Here’s the latest news on how Brigantine City Hall is handling the COVID-19 chaos. It’s not pretty. Rather, Brigantine public relations is confusing. Contradictory. Un-fair. Stupid. Even dangerous. As of April 27, the following Brigantine areas are still closed for public use: Cove Beach Inlet Area. Brigantine Sea Wall. Northend

Brigantine OK with Golfing, Will Block AirBnB Rentals, But Not Local Realtors.

Watch Video Brigantine City Council met again on April 15. Topics included selective enforcement of stay-at-home rules. For example, the baseball fields are closed, but people are still golfing at the Links at Brigantine, for free. Resident Jim Mackey sees people golfing at the Brigantine Golf Course. Mayor Simpson brushes

Facing Backlash, Will Brigantine Council Finally Ban ALL Short-term Rentals?

NJ Governor Murphy recently gave towns like Brigantine the power to prohibit all short-term and seasonal rentals for the duration of this COVID-19 emergency. Presumably, this would help Brigantine slow the influx of coronavirus refugees. Holding back those escaping hot-spots like New York City. Most Jersey shore communities quickly took

Brigantine Bans AirBnB Short Term Rentals, Allows Local Real Estate Agents to Keep Renting in Other Ways

Watch Brigantine Council Pick Winners & Losers via AirBnB Rental Ban While most of us were hunkering down to avoid COVID-19, Brigantine City Council was busy banning all short-term rentals using websites like AirBnB. Many Jersey shore towns like Ocean City and Ventnor are temporarily banning ALL short-term vacation rentals.

Brigantine Clamps Down On Short Term Rentals and Party Houses

New rules for short term, Brigantine rental properties. Crack down on nuisance properties. Most homeowners were not aware of this major decision. Too bad these types of decisions are being made when most homeowners are away. Brigantine voted YES to a new, updated ordinance targeting short-term rental houses. Are these