Hurricane Sandy

Brigantine Reporter vs. Frankenstorm

GREAT reporting from Mike Feely of The Beachcomber: The arrival of what some forecasters were calling “Frankenstorm,” was a quiet one, particularly after last year’s arrival of Tropical Storm Irene. This reporter, who reported on Irene, also wrote a recent story on the ’62 nor’easter that had devastated the island.

Thank You BrigantineNOW

From Heather Buzby.. Thank you so much for all of your updates. Through picture comments on this page, I found a total stranger who was willing to walk over and check on a friend’s grandmother’s house. This total stranger called me with a detailed status update on the house and


5pm Brig PD update: Travel ban has been rescinded. BRIDGE OPEN. Be prepared to show identification and proof of residency. Second home owners, your proof must match your identification. There will be no “Checking on a friend’s house”, residents and homeowners ONLY. Curfew remains in place from 6pm to 6am.

From Brigantine Police Chief; John Stone

“WELCOME HOME”. Please have your ID’s & paperwork out to show officers. We are standing by waiting for your arrival. Travel ban has been rescinded. BRIDGE NOW OPEN. Be prepared to show identification and proof of residency. Second home owners, your proof must match your identification. There will be no

Brigantine CITIZEN REPORTS…11am NOV 1

From Brigantine CITIZEN REPORTER.. Helen Monteferrante-Fortino ….11am Nov. 1 ….To the crew at BrigantineNOW website…..First, let me thank you for your time and effort regarding posts, info, pix etc., You are aces in my book. My husband is a physician & Lt Colonel at the 177th Fire Fighter Medical Division in Egg

Lisa McClay: Why No Brigantine Communication?

From Lisa McClay on Facebook… I ‘m very disappointed with the lack of communication and details from our (government) officials leading this disaster in Brigantine. To county executive; Levinson:… let the residents of Brigantine return to their homes. Four days evacuated and we cannot return home? Someone tell me WHY we can’t

obama in brigantine

OBAMA in Brigantine. Guenther Speaks. Homeowners in Dark

President Obama visited the Brigantine Community Center this afternoon, along with Senator Lautenberg and Governor Christie and Brigantine Mayor; Phil Guenther. As of this writing, those stranded in Brigantine… and non-resident homeowners… are pleading / demanding that someone in city government share some information… of what’s going on. The following is


Brigantine Island is no longer accessible. NO IN…NO OUT. Roads are blocked. Hurricane Sandy to make landfall near Atlantic City, at approx 6pm et. Full moon & high tide to make situation worse. North end seawall of Brigantine has seen storm surge pour over top. Substantial flooding blocks exit from

Important SANDY Links

Government FEMA: How to Prepare for a Hurricane Federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: What You Need to Know When the Power Goes Out Unexpectedly NJ Governor’s Office NJ Office of Emergency Management NJ Office of Emergency Management/Hurricane Survival Guide Links to County Emergency Management Offices Utilities JCP&L PSE&G